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Analysis and extraction methods


ICP-SFMS makes direct analysis of certain “difficult” sample types, which can not be handled with conventional ICP-MS (ICP-QMS), possible. The difference, compared to ICP-MS, lies in the construction of the “mass filter” which separates isotopes and chemical elements with varying mass. ICP-SFMS uses magnetic and electrostatic sectors instead of the so called quadrupole mass analyzer used in ICP-QMS. A sector instrument can separate particles with considerably lower differences in mass compared to a quadrupole instrument.

Because of the superior performance, this technique is also called high-resolution ICP-MS (HR-ICP-MS). As a result of the higher resolution, it is possible to avoid interference that occurs in certain sample types, such as seawater and biological samples. Sample types that are not affected by such interference can be analyzed with low-resolution ICP-SFMS. It is the possible to reach lower detection limits than in ICP-QMS; for certain elements as low as the level pg/l.