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TitleChanges to forest management and silvicultural techniques necessitated by forest energy production. International Energy Agency/Bioenergy Agreement, Activity A1. Conventional Forestry Systems
Author(s)Booth C;Eriksson H;Moller G;Pettersson F;Nykvist N;Olsson M;Lundin L;Persson H;Ahlstrom K;Zundel P;
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AbstractThis report contains an introduction (Tham, A) and 8 papers presented at the IEA Conventional Forestry Systems workshop held at Garpenberg, Sweden from 30 September to 4 October 1990. The theme of the workshop was the effect of whole tree removal (for energy production) on the forest environment and its implications for growth and yield of plantations. The papers were: (1) Management of small woods in the United Kingdom (Booth, C.; 13 ref.); (2) Early results from a wood ash application experiment in central Sweden (Eriksson, H.; 4 ref.); (3) Thinning of birch in mixed stands of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and birch (Betula pendula & B. pubescens Ehrh.) [in Sweden]. Comparison between whole-tree and conventional thinning (Mard, H.; Tham, A.; 17 ref.); (4) Growth changes [in a Norway spruce and 4 Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stands] during the first five year period after whole-tree logging with and without nutritional compensation in three Swedish thinning experiments (Moller, G.; Pettersson, F.; 2 ref.); (5) The effects of harvesting branches and needles [in spruce and pine stands in Sweden] on soil and vegetation (Nykvist, N.; 14 ref.); (6) Determination of weathering rates and base cation budgets - an example from glacial till in central Sweden (Olsson, M.; Lundin, L.; 13 ref.); (7) Fine-root development in [Norway spruce and Scots pine] forest stands [in Sweden] subjected to liming and fertilization (Persson, H.; Ahlstrom, K..; 34 ref.); and (8) Modifications to conventional silvicultural practices following integrated full tree harvesting in eastern Canada (Zundel, P.; 11 ref.)